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Easily create a professional looking drop-down menu
without any technical knowledge or experience.
No HTML or CSS coding required
No programming or design skills required
Seamless integration with any website
Drop Down Menu Generator

Welcome to Drop Down Menu Generator!

This online tool is designed to create a dynamic navigation system for any website. All that you need is a browser and an Internet connection. No programming or design skills are necessary. Creating a professional Menu has never been so easy!

The Drop Down Menu Generator is based on the award-winning Menu control. You can rest assured that the menu, created by our tool, is compatible with both older and newer browsers and meets all the requirements for professional website navigation.

Multiple Levels of Hierarchy
The Structure Editor, based on drag-and-drop functionality, enables you to easily create a menu structure displaying multiple levels of hierarchy. To group menu elements, use separators.
Pre-Built Templates
The Library offers a large number of pre-built templates. Apply your preferred template with just one click. Choose a color theme, text styles, arrow indicators and more.
Vector Icons
Menu Generator includes the set of 120+ most popular icons. It contains the general icons (Home, E-mail, etc.), icons for social networking, multi-purpose icons and others. Use it or import your own icon set.
Web Fonts
The collection offers more than 60 most popular web fonts. Use of non-standard fonts will give your menu the attractive look that matches the theme of your site.
People process visual information faster. Adding images to the menu provides visitors with visual clues about the site content and adds a nice design touch to your site.
Multi-column submenus
If the submenu is a long list of elements, just split it into columns. Add a vertical line between each column to make the layout more visually appealing. Use headers to organize the menu elements into groups.
Horizontal or Vertical Orientation
Website navigation menus generally come in one of two orientations: horizontal or vertical. Choose an orientation for your menu with just one click.
Unlimited Menu Hosting
Store your menu in our cloud and use copy-paste code to display it directly on your web pages. Any modification made to the menu in Menu Generator will be immediately reflected in the menu on your site.
Cross-Browser Support
The tool generates menus with full up-level cross-browser support for:
IE 5.5+, Firefox 0.8+, Google Chrome 6.0+, Safari 1.2+, Opera 7.5+, Mozilla 1.4+, etc.
Intelligent Behavior
Your menu is a smart system - it displays submenus on the available screen space. Submenus displayed over image rotators and Flash movies. Special repositioning logic prevents "stacking" for submenus.
Responsive Menu
If the viewport width is less than the width of the menu bar, an alternate compact menu appears. The compact menu has support for expandable/collapsible submenus.
Multi-language support
Menu Generator supports Unicode.
Create menus in any language you like.
If required, you can use more than one language for a single menu.
Fast and lightweight
Your menu is a small-size JavaScript file. No additional HTML or CSS code. No additional libraries like jQuery. The menu does not increase the size of pages and provides a fast and accurate response to a user's actions.
Rich featured
  • SEO
  • Tooltips
  • Shadows
  • Fade effect
  • Scrollable submenus
  • Sticky menus
  • Path highlighting
  • Semi-Transparency

What our customers say?

"I did a couple days of research and found a some useful info but nothing that was really what I needed. When I came upon your site and menu generator I was a bit skeptic considering what I had found previously. Once I read up on your process and your generator I started using it. I found it to be very helpful in what I needed. The menu generator worked flawlessly and gave me all the options that I needed and then some. It had actually surpassed my expectations!

Thank you for the generator that you created. It was very helpful to me and I'm sure it is to many others as well."

Tony Pronenko, Diverse By Design.

"I am really pleased to have found the Menu Generator - it has provided exactly the sort of simple to use and very professional looking menu system for my site which I was looking for, I have had very positive feedback from my users on the new menu system and I would recommend it to anyone."

Jeremy Young.

"Thank you for this product. I searched online for two days trying to find get a clean and straightforward way to add a drop down menu to my blogger site. This is perfect. I tried several ways that simply didn't work. I have several websites, so I plan to use it more."

Maddie James.

"We absolutely LOVE Menu Generator and it completely filled our needs! Easy to set up, many different options and styles plus the ability to customize to your site. Simply the best way to generate menus for your website."

Dan H., MusicMastersOnline.com

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