Main Features

The awesome suite of Menu Generator's features makes it easy to create and manage the dropdown menu for your website or blog.

Ready in five minutes

You need only five minutes to create a professional menu for your website. Our Dropdown Menu Generator was developed in a way to save your time and money. Due to the simplicity and flexibility of the tool, it does not require any preliminary study.

No programming required

You do not need any knowledge of HTML, CSS or JavaScript in order to create a professional menu for your website. Structure Editor is an easy-to-use tool with drag-and-drop functionality. Menu appearance is defined by a template which can be selected from the library by one click.

No design skills required

Menu appearance is defined by a template (skin). The library includes a large number of templates, all created by professional designers. Only one click is required to apply your chosen template to the menu. If the template's color does not match the color of your website, you can easily apply a new color to the entire menu. All parts of the menu will be colorized automatically―solid colors, textures, gradients, etc.

Cross-Browser Support

One of the most important aspects of a web application is how well it works with different browsers. Our tool generates a dropdown menu with FULL cross-browser support for:
  • Google Chrome 6.0+
  • Firefox 0.8+
  • Internet Explorer 5.5+
  • Safari 1.2+, Opera 7.5+, Mozilla 1.4+, Netscape 7.0+, etc.

Multiple levels of hierarchy

Your menu no longer has to be just a main menu bar with submenus. Menu structure can now involve multiple levels of hierarchy. This allows you to create the most effective and professional navigation system for your website.

Vertical or horizontal orientation

Website navigation menus generally come in one of two orientations: horizontal or vertical. Horizontal menus display elements side-by-side. Vertical menus stack elements on top of each other. With our Menu Generator, you can easily choose an orientation for your menu with just one click.

Fast and lightweight

Your menu is a single, small-size JavaScript file. Your browser uses the cached version of this file. No additional HTML, CSS or JavaScript code is required. Also, the menu does not require additional libraries, frameworks or components like jQuery. Thus, the menu does not increase the size of pages and provides a fast and accurate response to a user's actions. Your menu is ready to work as soon as it appears on a page.

Seamless integration

The menu can be seamlessly integrated into new or existing websites. All you need to do is add a link to the menu's JavaScript file and to place a DIV for the menu anywhere on the page. If the menu's color does not match the color of your website, you can easily apply a new color to the entire menu with a couple of clicks.

One menu on multiple pages

A single menu instance can be used to show your menu on multiple pages. Pages can be in subdirectories. As a menu is a single JavaScript file, it is enough to replace the old JavaScript file with a new one to see an updated menu immediately on all pages without additional efforts. This feature is useful for those users who need to change the structure or design of a site.

Multi-language support

Our Menu Generator allows you to build a menu in any language you like. Of course, you can use more than one language for a single menu.

Live preview

You can see how your menu will look in a browser as you edit. Any change in the menu template or structure will be instantly reflected in the Design Window. Also, you can preview it using a separate browser window, to see your menu as part of a plain web page.

Professional results

The Dropdown Menu Generator is based on the award-winning control for web developers: APNSoft Menu. This is a commercial product that is being constantly improved and upgraded. You can thus be assured that the menu created by our generator is compatible with both older and newer browsers and meets all the requirements of professional website navigation.
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