Mega Menu

Want an effective website navigation system to impress your customers? A mega menu is here to rescue. Are you wondering what it is? Essentially, it is equivalent to one substantial navigation system with multiple levels. This is an expandable menu, displaying choices in a two-dimensional dropdown layout. Fancy this!

You open up a website in the browser and can access all the different aspects of it through one main mega menu. Sounds satisfying and efficient, right? It helps to accumulate all website navigation links into one place so that users are provided with maximum choice with minimum effort. No doubt, this is your best bet that can increase sales and keep users hooked to your site for longer durations.

This example shows the mega menu with a multi-column layout.
It includes images, headers, icons, links, HTML elements, and separators.
The “Biographies & Memoirs” item has sub-items.

Move the mouse pointer over the “Books” or “Contact Us” element.

If you are a big eCommerce business, a news site, a big associate site, or any other website with a large number of items, the mega menu is your ideal pick to manage a vast amount of complex content. A mega menu also works wonders for small websites and singular function sites. Dropdown Menu Generator allows you to create mega menus with icons, images, links, text, etc.

Vertical Mega Menu

The demonstration of the mega menu is one of the key features of our application. This example shows how the mega menu in vertical orientation runs on your website. It comprises of submenus that facilitate navigation through links, images, icons, separators, etc. The submenus are designed to be multi-column.

This demo shows the vertical mega menu with the multi-column child sub-menus.
It contains product links, images to promote products, contact information with a map, etc.

Move the mouse pointer over any element that has the arrow indicator.

Making a Mega Menu is Easy

To create it using CSS and HTML, refer to this tutorial. By using an online navigation maker, you do not require any code. To convert your navbar to mega-type, split the submenu elements into columns by the “Multi-column” option under the “Submenu Options” tab. The multi-column submenu looks like a grid where each cell contains a link to the corresponding page of your website.

Any element of the mega menu can be an image, a text with an icon, or a flexible HTML code. The columns can be separated with vertical lines; a group of elements can have a header. Want to change the type of existing link? Just select the element and set its type under the “Element Properties” tab. To rearrange, click on the item, then drag and drop it where it should be.
For more details, read this blog post:

Creating Advanced Dropdown Menus

How to Make a Mega Menu

“Thank you for this product. I searched online for two days trying to find a clean and straightforward way to add a dropdown menu to my blogger site. This is perfect. I tried several ways that simply didn't work. I have several websites, so I plan to use it more.” - Maddie James.
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