Menu with Images

Want to know the secret of enhanced website navigation that makes a user stay on your website? Add visuals to your navigation bar. Menu with graphics communicates instantly as the brain interprets images much quicker than text. It offers an immersive experience when visuals are displayed with the text. This innovative menu style is specifically helpful for business websites like hotels, restaurants, and e-commerce stores. No matter horizontal or vertical, our online application allows you to create a navigation bar and submenus with images for expressive website navigation.

This example shows the menu with images.

The menu with a variety of images is very catchy; you can see it yourself in this demo. The images play a good role in the design, and you can easily add them to your navigation system in the Menu Generator.

Add Images to the Menu to Make it Better

Imagine eating food without being able to see it. Sounds terrible, right? Well, nothing should be boring and bland. Especially the menu of a website should never be this old-fashioned. A sparkle of color, a hint of imagination, and the right amount of visualization are truly essential. Images help viewers get a sense of the products on a website and can make any browser look quite attractive, quirky, and noteworthy.

This example is a classic website menu that contains images.

How to Make a Menu with Images

To add an image to the menu, just click on the “Add Image Element” button. Then, select the picture file from your machine and upload it to the menu element. If you want to add an image to the existing element, just set its type to “Image” and upload the picture from your computer. All uploaded images become a part of your website navigation subsystem.

For more details, read the blog post: How To Create Menu With Images

How to Make a Menu with Images

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