Menu with Icons

Want to make your website more attractive and impressive? Just add icons to your website navigation panel. It is a fantastic way to allow your users to identify each link on the navigation bar. Menu with icons is an amazing option for every website design, including business websites, e-commerce stores, online TVs, podcasts, clothing brands, and more. Take a look at some examples here.

This example shows the menu with icons.

Believe us or not, but a menu with icons is a literal game-changer. After all, who does not want a site that helps you process information easily and effectively! A menu with icons ensures a thorough user experience that helps each user figure out the site without any fuss. Perhaps, icons are self-explanatory, you do not even require some text to explain. Even adding them without the text can work wonders to make your navigation bar impressive. So, use icons and get users hooked to your website forever!

Add Icons to the Menu to Make it User-Friendly

The navigation system with a diverse collection of icons is very attractive and for more vivid details, here is the demo for you in this section. The sample demonstrates that an icon can be a very effective design option because it multiplies the visibility of the website on the whole. The quality of icons adds a good role in the website navigation design and this example shows it can be conveniently done in our online maker.

This example is a classic website menu that contains icons.

How to Make a Menu with Icons

A common way to accomplish this task using CSS code is described here. Our online maker does not require knowledge of CSS or any code. It generates navbars automatically and contains the set of the most popular icons you can choose from. Click on a menu element to open the properties form and choose the desired icon from the collection. You can also upload your own set of vector icons. To make the custom icon collection, use any online database of free vector icons. For more details, read these blog posts:

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How to Make a Menu with Icons

“I LOVE the menu generator! The app will save me literally dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars (at least!) in coding time.” - Garrett Wasny, MA, CMC, CITP/FIBP.
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