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Menu with icons

Icons are very important to the user-interface. The most effective way to make site navigation a truly user-friendly is to add icons to the menu. Icons greatly improve the communication between the visitors and the menu on any website.

Menu with icons stands out from the crowd and looks a lot better than the other ones. The presence of icons proves the quality of the website, makes a great impression on visitors and increases the site traffic.

In this short post, I will describe how to create a professional drop-down menu with icons. Knowledge of HTML, CSS or JavaScript is not required.

Adding icons to the menu elements

To create the menu, we use the online tool - Drop Down Menu Generator.

Menu Generator includes the collection of 120+ most popular icons. We can use the general icons (Home, Help, E-mail, etc.), icons for social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), multi-purpose icons (arrows, dots, etc.) and others. They are grouped for convenience.

Icons for Drop-Down Menu

Menu elements can be of four different types: Links, Headers, Separators, and Images.
The Link is a basic menu element that can include an icon. Other elements cannot include icons.

To add an icon to the Link Element, we do the following:
  • Go to the Structure Editor (1)
  • Select the element (2)
  • Click on the icon in the Element Properties form (3)
  • Select the appropriate icon from the collection by one mouse click (4)

How to add an Icon to the Menu

Using this quick process, we add the required icon to each menu element. The structure tree displays elements with attached icons. The final menu with icons we can see in the Design Window after clicking the "Apply Changes" or "Refresh" button.
Now our menu looks much better!

The collection includes all the popular icons. In most cases, you will find a suitable icon for any Link Element. If some elements are rather specific, you can use the arrows, blocks or dots to not leave elements without icons.

Also, you can import your own icon set. For details, read this blog post: How to Add Vector Icons to Drop-Down Menu

Technical Details

Menu Generator does not use images for icons. The icon collection is an additional font with Unicode symbols. This font is a source of icons for your menu. Icons are displayed as plain text.

Most likely, during the customization of your menu, you will change the color and size of menu elements. It is important to note that the size and the color of each icon are defined automatically. You will not need to customize the icons separately.


The icons are a font, not images. Therefore, the menu does not lose in performance, because it is not required to make numerous requests to the server to display each image. Your menu will run much faster than the menu with standard image icons.

Cross-browser Compatibility

All popular browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.), including older versions, support Unicode characters.


I hope this short post will inspire you to create a menu with icons for your website or blog. Please do not hesitate to ask questions, we love responding!


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