Client Testimonials

We are extremely proud of the feedback we have received from our clients for the quality of our work and our commitment to their success. The right words to say - these testimonials support us in our efforts and speak of our values.

"I used this Dropdown Menu for my website and I was amazed at how easy it was to create. It took me longer to figure out how to install it than it did to create this amazing menu to replace the main menu on my site. I give it 5 stars. Thank you to your whole team for such great work and your continued support to help me get all issues fixed. Your team went above and beyond. I will be forever grateful. 5 Stars and Two Thumbs Up."
Fred Ellis, The Blue Paint
"Let me say I love your product! They are visually appealing, easy to construct, and they just work. Keep up the good work!"
Tim DeVaughn
"I appreciate all your patience. Your last response closed the "gap" for me and after a bit more experimentation, I was able to get the menu to work!

I am now a paying customer and more importantly a happy user who wouldn't hesitate to refer your/team/company's tool to other programming challenged designers :-) Thanks again for your help."
Very best, Anthony.
"Dear Menu Gurus, :-)

WOW!!! I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for creating this Dropdown Menu Generator. It helps me so much!! :-)

I've been using a popular menu builder for my menus for years... and, because they only create menus in flash, they don't work on Apple or Android.

It's been quite frustrating and I've been looking for a good solution for a while. In fact, I've spent the previous few days trying many other options and have contacted a half-dozen web developers for advice. It's been a little bit of a nightmare for me, especially considering that I'm a self-taught website creator. I like to create and control my content, but I need to find applications that I can use immediately. I prefer not to spend the week reading 'HTML for dummies.' :-)

Seriously... YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! Thanks so much for doing what you do. I greatly appreciate it. :-) "
In Health,
Doug Jones, BS, MA, CSCS
President, The Best Way to Exercise, LLC
"Your site is a godsend! We are using the site to build the menu structure, then deploying the files into an MS SharePoint environment, which work really well. I will continue to use your site for both professional & personal web based projects."
Craig White.
"I am glad I stumbled across Menu Generator as it is perhaps the best of it's kind I have ever seen. The website is top class, and it was extremely easy to create a site menu online - and even easier to add the menu to my website pages. I would suggest that if the developer does not wish to charge, he should at least add a contributions button to his homepage!"
Kevin Browne. Lancashire.
"Thank you for this product. I searched online for two days trying to find get a clean and straightforward way to add a drop down menu to my blogger site. This is perfect. I tried several ways that simply didn't work. I have several websites, so I plan to use it more."
Maddie James.
"You guys are unbelievable. Great code, great appearance. Leonardo Da Vinci would be unable to do a better job. Thank you so much."
Greetings from Germany, Michael.
"Great companies listen to their customers. We suggested responsive menus with icons, and Menu Generator followed through. I am very impressed with the new enhancements. Thank you for valuing our feedback. Excellent customer service!"
Andrew Lorinser.
"I found your Menu Generator Project when I searched by Google. Actually I loved it. I used it for my website yesterday and at a first glance this project is perfect. I plan to use it for my other websites. Best wishes!"
"Thank you for creating the menus. I loved how easy it was to create and customize it. I love it!"
Gail A Walker.
"Your dropdown menu generator is brilliant. Very easy to use and many different design options."
Andrea Braun.
"I found the menu generator to be a lifesaver, and really helpful. In addition I found a design that I liked for my website."
"Menu Generator is awesome. I was able to make dropdown menu and set it on my website without any knowledge in programming with HTML, CSS ... I did not have any difficulties. Menu Generator is one of the best websites for creating dropdown menus. Keep up the good work and all the best ;)"
Markovic Martin.
"Thank you for providing such an easy to use dropdown menu creator. The application is excellent and I thank you again for creating such a useful tool!!!"
Ryan Shannon.
"Great service. It's easy, it works, the targeting options are awesome, there's no Menu Generator branding, it's free, it's a great service. I use the generator on all my websites. Thanks!"
Andrew Lorinser.
"Your menu generator is a great tool. In most areas it is exactly what I was looking for. I think a tool like this will be helpful for people like me who want to add functionality to a homemade site or who don't want a site that looks like one of the template sites. Thank you for great job."
D. DePass.
"Great Generator you people made. Good product."
Lawrence Vick.
"I love! I recently used it on a website project and found it incredibly easy to use!"
Laura Kallen.
"I think Menu Generator is a great service, I find it very useful."
Jeremy Sergeant.
"Thank you for the free service you offer."
"Your Menu Generator is very good with good tools to configure the menu, it was great experience to use your tool."
Raghbir Singh.
"Thank you for the great support! We'll have our entire new site design online in the next few days - thanks for being part of our success."
Frank Ashe.
"Wow is all I can say, I didn't have any difficulties to create the drop down menu for my site."
Amit Kumar.
"I found it very easy to work with your website to create the drop down menu."
Toni de Lara.
"I am so grateful for your online menu generator! Thank you for providing it!"
Marie Becker.
"Menu Generator is great! The product is excellent and I love the design interface!"
Greg Owens
Webmaster/Marketing Communications Manager
"This product works great. Finally an easy to use program for drop down menus! Thanks for the dropdown generator and will pass the word along to all of my friends."
"You have a marvelous and genius web menu generator. Hope to see you coming with other scripts and facilities for webmasters and non-geek people like me."
"I LOVE the menu generator! The app will save me literally dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars (at least!) in coding time."
Garrett Wasny, MA, CMC, CITP/FIBP
"What an awesome piece of software !!! Absolutely love it!"
Danny Bismark-Pettit.
"I was so pleased with the help I received from Andrei, a member of your Menu Generator Development Team. Not only was he very prompt in responding to my three questions, but he was also very clear. I am an ex-programmer, retired for 14 years, and did not use HTML code. I've created a website for a non-profit group, as a volunteer, so needed some extra help!"
Marlene Walker, age 72
"You have the best drop-down menu system I've seen. I have been a web designer for 20+ years and believe me I've seen them all."
Mike Boyles.
"You guys are great and I love your app. If only this were around when I started this business 15+ years ago!"
Solomon E. Siegel.
"I’ve built my own menus in the past and tried other menu tools, but Menu Generator has been the best and very intuitive to use. It has great options and colors of pre-existing templates which you can even modify.
I love it …it’s quick, easy and saves time! Also their support team has been great to work with! If I ever have a question they are quick to respond and very knowledgeable!"
Patrick, Triple C Design.
"I did a couple days of research and found a some useful info but nothing that was really what I needed. When I came upon your site and menu generator I was a bit skeptic considering what I had found previously. Once I read up on your process and your generator I started using it. I found it to be very helpful in what I needed. The menu generator worked flawlessly and gave me all the options that I needed and then some. It had actually surpassed my expectations!

Thank you for the generator that you created. It was very helpful to me and I'm sure it is to many others as well."
Tony Pronenko, Diverse By Design.
"I am really pleased to have found the Menu Generator - it has provided exactly the sort of simple to use and very professional looking menu system for my site which I was looking for, I have had very positive feedback from my users on the new menu system and I would recommend it to anyone."
Jeremy Young.
"I think it is great and had everything I need for my project. Would definitely recommend."
Andy Easby.
"The Menu Generator is a great tool. The installation is intuitive. I use it within a blog on - It works easily! Thank you very much for this tool! It's awesome!!!"
Alex Tschirlich.
"I love it; I am more of a designer not much of a programmer and this saved me a ton of time trying to get a drop down menu built! Thanks for a quality product; I appreciate all your efforts!"
Richard R.
"Menu generator is such a user friendly tool. I had it up and running on my blog in no time. Not only is this tool one of the best out there, their support service is incredible."
Tami, Tami Renā's Cookies.
"I think that your menu generator is absolutely fantastic and as far as I'm concerned there's nothing lacking. Thank you so much for this service!"
RS Miller.
"Overall I think the menu generator is extremely good. Extremely."
Chantal Mallett.
"Thank You so much for a great job you guys did putting all this online for free, people like you make life easier!"
Nick Zouein.
"We absolutely LOVE Menu Generator and it completely filled our needs! Easy to set up, many different options and styles plus the ability to customize to your site. Simply the best way to generate menus for your website."
Dan H.
"I would like to thank you for providing this tool. It looks and works great. All in all a very nice product."
Steve Kono.
"Your Menu Generator is awesome. Best menu generator on the web. Best wishes from India."
Bhuwan Devshali.
"Great product. I enjoy doing stuff like that. Your Menu Generator saves me a lot of time and looks very professional."
Steve Slade.
"Your program worked well for me. I was trying to use CSS menu generator, but it would not rendered properly in IE. Yours is great. Great job!"
Jovette Jolicoeur.
"Very high quality menu bars which are easy to design and install even for absolute beginners! Communication is excellent too, thank you so much!"
Wendy Mach.
"Great generator, good UI."
Ken Soule.
"I am not a programmer. So, your DropDownMenuGenerator is very very very helpful. Thank you for your efforts."
Azmi Idris.
"I really like your generator, I used it to replace the old menu on our website. Your program was a Godsend."
Adil Toudghi.
"Your drop menu generator looks great and is very easy to use."
Shalinee Perera.
"I have used it for my website which is now under construction. It looks much pretty with the menu I used from your website. Keep it up."
Inayat Khan.
"I like the generator, easy to understand."
"I really like the Generator you’ve built. I am not an HTML, JavaScript or CSS expert since I am using generators. Your generator helped me a lot."
Nebojša A. Milić (Nesh).
"Your Menu Generator is easy to use and perfect for my homepage."
Alexander Wagner.
"Your Menu Generator is very intuitive and easy to us. I love it."
Joan Kellogg.
"Very useful menu generator - I had to replace an existing menu quickly yesterday and it saved me the hassle of coding it myself."
Margaret Wilson.
"Thank you for a great app! Really loving it! Keep well and big thank you to your team."
Rudi van Niekerk.
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