About Us

"I would like to thank you for providing this tool. It looks and works great. All in all a very nice product."
Steve Kono.
In 2003 we had the idea to create controls for web developers, and we founded the company APNSoft. The first our control we developed was the Menu. We decided right from the beginning that our product should be the best menu control available.

Why menu? With the advent of the first website, a menu has become a major part of website evolution. The menu is the most simple, fast, and convenient way of navigating. A menu is a door to the site content.

During the last several years we have closely explored the behavior and needs of site visitors, and today our Menu is the product which is the most carefully designed and is fully optimized in the smallest details. Our award-winning Menu has all the characteristics of a professional menu, and it is free from the known disadvantages of many menus.

The Dropdown Menu Generator is based on our Menu control. This online tool is designed to produce a dynamic navigation system for any web site. All that you need is a browser and an Internet connection.

The advantages of our Menu Generator over other similar tools include ease of use, time saved, and a professional look and style. Only five minutes are needed to create a professional menu for your site. No programming or design skills are necessary.

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