Website Navigation Examples

Check out the website navigation examples including the navigation bar with icons, images, transparent elements, customized with the CSS code, and more. The examples have been designed with diverse ideas to provide you with multiple options to choose from and making navigation a lot easier on the website.

Navigation Bar

Navigation Bar

Easy to use and understand, the classic navigation bar is the ultimate source for browsing at all websites and can be placed on any web page.
Vertical Navigation Bar

Vertical Navigation Bar

Simple and articulate, these navigation bars give you an overview of the different sections of a website, making it easier for you to choose.
Sidebar Menu

Sidebar Menu

This type of navigation menu collapses on a side and opens on-demand, allowing to save screen space. The demo shows how the navigation bar assimilates with the website design as a sidebar menu.
Menu with Icons

Menu with Icons

This is an awesome example of the website navigation system with icons for any website design, including websites for business, e-commerce stores, clothing brands, online TVs, podcasts, and more.

Menu with Images

This example shows the website menu which includes Image Elements.
The "DIY Projects" sub-navigation form is split into columns.
Mega Menu

Mega Menu

This type of website navigation tool helps to keep all links in one place so that users are provided with maximum choice with minimum effort.

Horizontal Navbar with Icons and Semi-Transparency

This example shows a standard (main) horizontal navigation panel with icons. Sub-navigation lists are semi-transparent, letting the page's text shine through.

Multilevel Dropdown

This website navigation example shows the system with multiple levels of hierarchy. Special repositioning logic prevents "stacking" for sub-navigation elements.

Search Bar

This example shows the website navigation panel that includes the search box with frequently used queries on the right side of the bar.

Multi-Column Submenu

The "Products" submenu is split into three columns. Elements are arranged into groups (with headers).

Responsive Navbar

If the viewport width is less than the width of the navigation bar, an alternate compact menu appears.

Two or More Menus on a Single Web Page

This example shows the website page that includes both horizontal (main) and vertical (side) navigation bars. Multiple navbars on a single page are allowed.

Scrollable Menu

This example shows the website navigation bar with a large number of links in the sub-navigation lists. The submenus have a height of 300 pixels.

Sticky Menu (Fixed Menu)

This example shows the website navigation bar which is locked into place so that it does not go away when the user scrolls down the page.

Element Highlighting

This example shows the website menu with a highlighted Link Element. The highlighted element indicates which page the user is currently viewing.

CSS Customization Examples

These examples show the navbars that are customized with the additional CSS code.
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