What's New - March 04, 2021

  • Blog post: 10 Easy Tips to Improve Website Navigation

    10 Easy Tips to Improve Website Navigation

    When site visitors arrive at a page and can't find the information they're looking for, they may move on to other sites that are easier to navigate. That's why proper navigation is so important. It is the cornerstone of every website. A good navigation system is consistent, reliable, and easy to use, allowing visitors to quickly browse the content and find what they are looking for. It's a vital tool in building trust with your audience.

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  • Live Demo: Scrollable Menu

    Scrollable Menu: Examples and Tutorial

    Having a lot of products is great, but that also means that you have a lot of navigation items. More navigation items mean more links. If your navigation bar is feeling a little too long, try using a scrollable menu to relieve the crowding.

    Examples and tutorial: Scrollable Menu

  • Improvements and bug fixes

    • Breadcrumb Navigation

      We have upgraded the navigation on our site to include a breadcrumb. We've gotten many requests for this feature and are glad to provide it to all of our visitors. This will allow you to easily find and navigate through our site to find what you are looking for.

    • Sign up with Facebook and Google

      Signing up has never been easier. We've added a simplified registration with Facebook and Google, giving you the ability to choose your account's username and e-mail instantly.

    • Interface enhancements to better serve you.

    • Several minor bugs are fixed.

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