What's New - February 28, 2014

  • New icons

    Menu Generator now includes the collection of 100+ most popular icons. You can use the general icons (Home, Help, E-mail, etc.), icons for social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), multi-purpose icons (arrows, dots, etc.) and others.

  • Improved scaling of icons

    During the customization of your menu, you may change the font size of items. The size of each icon is set automatically and depends on the font size. Now the scaling of the icons is noticeably improved.

  • Blog post: How to Create Dropdown Menu with Icons

    Icons are very important to the user-interface. The most effective way to make site navigation a truly user-friendly is to add icons to the menu. Icons greatly improve the communication between the visitors and the menu on any website.

    Menu with icons stands out from the crowd and looks a lot better than the other ones. The presence of icons proves the quality of the website, makes a great impression on visitors and increases the site traffic.

    How to Create Dropdown Menu with Icons

    Read More: https://www.dropdownmenugenerator.com/blog/menu-with-icons.aspx

  • New feature: Duplicate Menu

    The new feature allows you to create the clone of an existing Menu. It generates the copy, including the structure, template, and all of the menu settings.

  • Improvements for better performance results.

    Now the Menu Generator compresses the data before sending it to the browser. Website design is enhanced too. No unnecessary images, texts, useless page elements.

  • Several minor bugs are fixed.

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