What's New - December 23, 2015

  • Links, Headers, and Separators

    Menu now consists of the three types of elements: Links, Headers, and Separators.

    • Link is a basic menu element. It can include an icon, text (label) and link (URL) to the web page or document. The browser is directed to the URL when a user clicks the Link Element.
    • Header is a useful element which allows organizing the menu elements into groups.
    • Separator is a simple element which represents a thematic break between the groups of elements.

    Menu elements

  • Multiple-Column Dropdown Menu

    Dropdown menu (submenu) can now include a division of various categories in a single panel. This new feature gives an effective solution to displaying a lot of content while keeping a clean layout.

    Multiple-column dropdown menu

    This Live Demo shows the menu with multiple-column dropdown menu. Details:

    • The "Products" submenu is split into three columns.
    • Elements are arranged into groups (with headers).
    • The "All Devices" element has also a submenu.
    • The submenu includes a vertical line between each column to make the layout more visually appealing.

  • Referral Program

    Our Referral Program is simple. For each person you refer who makes a purchase (for the first time or renewal), you will get 3 free months to your subscription. Also, when someone uses your link to sign up, they get 20% off for the first order.

    Find your own unique referral link on the Account Settings page and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or your blog - wherever your friends can see it. Or, use the direct share buttons which include your referral link.

    Referral Program

  • Several bugs are fixed.

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