What's New - April 25, 2014

  • Context-Sensitive Help

    A help icon (a blue circle with a question mark) is added to key places in Menu Generator. When a user clicks the help icon, a "pop-up" window with context help will appear providing hints or tips.

  • Scrollable Submenus

    Menu Generator now includes the "Submenus Height" property under the Additional Options tab. The property specifies the maximum height in pixels for submenus. A submenu automatically becomes scrollable if its height less than the real height of its contents.

  • Ignoring the page's CSS style

    CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is used to style page elements. As a result, the appearance of the menu may differ from the selected template because the page's CSS may style the menu as well.

    Now Menu ignores most of the page CSS rules and displayed with the required appearance, according to the chosen template.

  • Improvements for better performance results

    Now Menu Generator works even faster as it compacts the data before sending it from the browser to the server.

  • Blog post: How to Host your Dropdown Menu on Google Drive

    A menu created by the Menu Generator is a single folder with a few files. To put the menu on the page, you upload the menu folder to the web server where your site is hosted, and paste a small code into the page to show up your menu.

    But what to do if you use a free hosting or publishing platform (such as Blogger or Tumblr) which does not allow uploading custom folders to the site/blog?

    Fortunately, Google Drive can be used as an awesome FREE hosting for your menu. Google Drive is a reliable storage with unlimited bandwidth, very fast speed and 100% uptime. You can store your menu on Google Drive, but display it on any website or blog by a direct link to the menu hosted on Google Drive.

    How to Host your Dropdown Menu on Google Drive

    Read More: https://www.dropdownmenugenerator.com/

  • Blog post: How to Add Drodown Menu in Tumblr

    Tumblr is a very popular publishing platform, which includes more than 180 million blogs. Unfortunately, almost all of them do not have a dropdown menu as a highly convenient way to navigate to posts or pages. It is because the themes in Tumblr do not include an option for adding dropdown menus.

    In this article, I will describe how to add a multiple level dropdown menu with icons to your blog on Tumblr. Knowledge of HTML, CSS or JavaScript is not required.

    How to Add Dropdown Menu in Tumblr

    Read More: https://www.dropdownmenugenerator.com/blog/drop-down-menu-tumblr.aspx

  • Several minor bugs are fixed.

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