What's New - June 05, 2013

  • Customizable arrow indicators

    Menu Generator now includes the collection of arrows. You can choose the arrow type and the brightness separately for horizontal menu, vertical menu, and submenus. The color of arrow is defined by the color of item's text (separately for normal and hover states).

  • Fixed color set for tooltips

    Now a tooltip has a fixed set of colors (grayscale). This was made in order to avoid showing unreadable colors in tooltips after the color customization for entire menu.

  • Minor website enhancements

    Menu Generator now includes expandable sections of settings. This cleans up the website design and enables the user to choose what he wants to see.

    The optional Tooltip field is now located below the main fields: Text, Link, and Target.

  • New templates

  • Fixed the bug where the Zip archive was broken if the menu structure has a large number of elements.

  • Code improvements for better performance results.

  • Several minor bugs are fixed.

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