What's New - April 23, 2020

  • Blog post: How To Create A Sidebar Menu

    How To Create A Sidebar Menu

    You can easily empower your website with a modern sidebar menu, making your audience stay on your website for a longer time while providing a better user experience. Sidebar menu not only can play the role of an additional navigation subsystem on the left or right of the website. For small screens, it is a necessary tool for navigating the site.

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  • New web fonts

    Menu Generator now offers 10+ standard fonts and 50+ of the most popular web fonts including:

    • Karla
    • Marcellus SC
    • Montserrat
    • Open_Sans
    • Raleway

    Web fonts

  • Updated: Submenu alignment

    This option specifies the horizontal submenu position relative to its parent element or window. Applied to the submenus of the horizontal menu only. Available values:

    • left - aligns the left edge of the submenu with the left edge of its parent.
    • center - sets the center position relative to the parent element.
    • wcenter - sets the center position relative to window.
    • right - aligns the right edge of the submenu with the right edge of its parent.
    • length - specifies integer value of the left margin in pixels with a range from -9999 to +9999.

  • New Examples

    Check out the website navigation examples including the navigation bar with icons, images, transparent elements, customized with the CSS code, and more.

    • Navigation Bar

      Navigation Bar

      Easy to use and understand, the classic navigation bar is the ultimate source for browsing at all websites and can be placed on any web page.

    • Vertical Navigation Bar

      Vertical Navigation Bar

      Simple and articulate, these navigation bars give you an overview of the different sections of a website, making it easier for you to choose.

    • Sidebar Menu

      Sidebar Menu

      This type of navigation menu collapses on a side and opens on-demand, allowing to save screen space. The demo shows how the navigation bar assimilates with the website design as a sidebar menu.

    • Menu with Icons

      Menu with Icons

      This is an awesome example of the website navigation system with icons for any website design, including websites for business, e-commerce stores, clothing brands, online TVs, podcasts, and more.

    • Menu with Images

      Menu with Images

      Navigation system with graphics communicates instantly as the brain interprets images much quicker than the plain text.

    • Mega Menu

      Mega Menu

      This type of website navigation tool helps to keep all links in one place so that users are provided with maximum choice with minimum effort.

    • Responsive Navbar

      Responsive Navbar

      A responsive navbar is your best bet! It is customized for big screens or small screens, adapting to any screen size.

    • Sticky Menu

      Sticky Menu

      Sticky menus provide a user-friendly interface by being consistently visible even when users scroll down the page.

  • Interface improvements and bug fixes

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