What's New - November 16, 2016

  • Element Paddings

    The padding property allows you to specify how much space should appear between the content of an element and its border. You can set different padding values (horizontal or vertical) for the main menu and submenus.

    Element Paddings

  • New Icons

    Menu Generator now includes the collection of 123 most popular icons.
    Added new icons: Phone, Smartphone, Instagram, Headphones, Share, Hashtag, and More.

    New Icons

  • Starter Plan

    Menu Generator introduces the new Starter Plan which is a "light" version of the main Basic Plan.

    Starter plan is suitable for customers who need a single menu for a small website. It includes all the main features such as multiple levels of hierarchy in the structure, full access to Template Library, customizable arrow indicators, etc., and allows you to create a professional menu for your website.

    Learn more about plans and pricing here.

  • Embed Code with unique identifier

    Some browsers are very zealous in using cached copies of JavaScript files. This leads to a problem when you update the menu in Menu Generator, but the user's browser keeps on using the cached (old) copy.

    Now Embed Code includes a hash value as a unique identifier which forces the browser to display the latest version of your menu.

    Embed Code with unique identifier

  • Submenu mouse events

    You can now use different events to open/close submenus.

    • Mouse event to show - specifies a value indicating whether the submenus are opened by mouse click or automatically when the user moves the mouse pointer over the menu element.
    • Mouse event to hide - specifies a value indicating whether all of the opened submenus are closed by mouse click outside the menu or automatically when the mouse goes away.

  • Improvements and bug fixes

    • Fade effect - specifies whether the menu displays the submenus with animated Fade effect.
    • Image Element - now you can change the image without deleting the element.
    • Live Demos - you can now load the live demos in Menu Generator for editing.
    • Several minor bugs are fixed.

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