What's New - March 31, 2016

  • Image Element

    Added support for images in menu elements.

    Menu now consists of the four types of elements: Links, Headers, Separators, and Images. Image Element is similar to the Link Element. It includes a raster image, text (label) and link (URL) to the web page or document.

    People process visual information faster. Adding images to the menu provides visitors with visual clues about the site content and adds a nice design touch to your site.

    Menu elements

  • Live Demo: Menu with Images

    This example shows the menu which is based on Image Elements. The "DIY Projects" submenu is split into columns (including Header Elements).

    Menu with Images

  • Blog post: Creating Advanced Dropdown Menus

    Today, a simple CSS menu is the most common tool for website navigation. Unfortunately, in many cases, a CSS menu does not meet all requirements of usability.

    In this short post, I will show you how to create a truly user-friendly website menu with the following "sweet" features:

    • Headers & Separators
    • Arrow indicators
    • Icons
    • Multi-column dropdown menu

    Creating Advanced Dropdown Menus

    Read More: https://www.dropdownmenugenerator.com/blog/advanced-menus.aspx

  • Show/Hide Elements

    The Visibility property allows hiding an element without deleting it. Hidden elements are displayed in the structure tree as semi-transparent.

  • Image preloading

    Menu now uses a special mechanism for image preloading.

    Preloading is a technique where the image is downloaded to the cache before it's needed. That way when the image is really needed it can be retrieved from the cache and displayed immediately.

    Thus, a background image of the hovered element (or submenu background image) appears now immediately and without "empty squares".

  • One style for multiple menus

    Now only one style (Web Font, Icon Set) is used for multiple menus placed on the page. This significantly improves performance of the page with multiple menus.

  • Line breaks in Tooltip

    Tooltip now has support for line breaks. To add a line break, use the "<br>" tag. Example: Line1<br>Line2

  • Several bugs are fixed.

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