What's New - March 21, 2015

  • Submenu Alignment

    The option specifies the horizontal submenu position relative to its parent item. Applied to the submenus of the horizontal menu only. Available values:

    • left - aligns the left edge of the submenu with the left edge of its parent.
    • center - sets the center position relative to the parent item.
    • right - aligns the right edge of the submenu with the right edge of its parent.
    • length - specifies integer value of the left margin in pixels with a range from -9999 to +9999.

    Submenu alignment

  • Empty arrows

    Added support for empty arrow indicators. If you do not want to show arrow indicators in your menus, use empty arrows.

    Empty arrows

  • Video: Dropdown Menu Generator - Overview

    The following video gives a quick overview of features and functionality.

    Dropdown Menu Generator - Overview

  • Blog post: How to Add a Mobile Responsive Dropdown Menu in Blogger

    In my previous blog post, I described how to add Dropdown Menu in Blogger. That post describes the basics for creating a menu and adding it to the desktop version of your blog. This post expands on this scenario by adding your existing menu to the mobile version of your blog.

    How to Add a Mobile Responsive Dropdown Menu in Blogger

    Read More: https://www.dropdownmenugenerator.com/blog/responsive-menu-blogger.aspx

  • Blog post: How to Add Dropdown Menu to Homestead website

    Homestead SiteBuilder is a very popular, easy-to-use website building tool, which allows you to quickly create an entire website for business or hobby. SiteBuilder includes hundreds of design templates to choose from. You can insert photos, videos, e-commerce capabilities and much more. Unfortunately, SiteBuilder has no such useful component for website navigation, as a dropdown menu.

    In this post, I will describe how to add a professional dropdown menu to your Homestead website. Knowledge of HTML, CSS or JavaScript is not required.

    How to Add Dropdown Menu to Homestead website

    Read More: https://www.dropdownmenugenerator.com/blog/menu-with-images.aspx

  • Free version has been discontinued

    We are sorry, but the free version forces us to focus on volume and less on features. In our plans to add more features to Menu Generator. If you have the Free account, you can continue using it for free.

  • Several minor bugs are fixed.

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