What's New - November 18, 2014

  • Web Fonts

    Added support for web fonts. Now the collection offers 11 standard fonts, and 51 of the most popular web fonts. Use of non-standard fonts will give your menu the attractive look that matches the theme of your site.

    Web Fonts

  • Support for SSL ("https")

    Embed Code is now compatible with a website which runs on SSL ("https") protocol.

    By default, Embed Code uses the "http" protocol:

    Embed Code

    If the Embed Code is placed on the site which runs on SSL, you should specify the "https" protocol:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="https://Menu16.com/U/...

  • Arrow Indicators as Unicode Symbols

    Menu Generator now does not use images for arrow indicators. They are represented with Unicode symbols and displayed as a plain text. This significantly improves performance of your menu.

    Arrow Indicators

  • New icons

    Menu Generator now includes the collection of 105 most popular icons. You can use the general icons (Home, Help, E-mail, etc.), icons for social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), currency symbols, multi-purpose icons (arrows, dots, etc.) and others.


  • Improvements and bug fixes

    • Menu Generator has been moved to the new server for better performance, reliability, and uptime.
    • For Priority Technical Support you can now use direct e-mail address. Available for Paid plans only.
    • Fixed the bug in Menu Generator when you edit two or more menus at the same time.
    • The size of the menu's script has been reduced. As a result, the menu works with better performance results.
    • Fixed the bug with "&" symbol in the menu links.
    • Several minor bugs are fixed.

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