What's New - June 30, 2014

  • Menu hosting with Embed Code

    Now your menu is hosted on our server and you can use Embed Code to display it directly on your web pages. So, you do not need to download the menu and then upload it to your website; any modification made to the menu in Menu Generator will be immediately reflected in the menu on your web pages.

    Menu hosting with Embed Code

  • Fixed Positioning

    Now the menu can be displayed with a fixed position. A fixed position menu is positioned relative to the viewport, or the browser window itself. The viewport doesn't change when the window is scrolled, so a fixed positioned menu will stay right where it is when the page is scrolled.

    This Live Demo shows the menu displayed with a fixed position. It means that if you scroll down, the menu will remain in the viewport - so you can quickly access the navigation no matter where you are on the page.

  • Live Demos

    The Live Demos Page includes a few menu examples such as a standard dropdown menu with icons and semi-transparency, the menu with scrollable submenus, the menu in fixed position (Sticky Menu), and others.

    Text formatting options

  • Several minor bugs are fixed.

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