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November 25, 2013

  • New post: How to Add Drop Down Menu in Blogger

    The use of a drop-down menu is a highly convenient way to navigate. Unfortunately, most blogs at blogger.com do not have this handy feature. The main problem is that blogger.com does not include the Gadget for drop-down menus and most bloggers do not have the programming skills to work with HTML, CSS, etc.

    In this article, I will describe how to add a multiple level drop-down menu to your blog on blogger.com. Knowledge of HTML, CSS or JavaScript is not required.

    How to Add Drop Down Menu in Blogger

    Read More: http://dropdownmenugenerator.com/Blog.aspx?ID=20131122

  • New options: Width and Alignment

    Now you can adjust the width and alignment for your menu. The width can be defined in pixels or in percent of the containing block. An alignment has three values: Left, Center, and Right.

  • New templates

  • Compatibility with incorrect markup.

    Now, the menu is displayed properly on web pages, which have an incorrect markup. The menu will ignore a non-valid, a non-well formed or even an illegal HTML/CSS code.

  • Minor website enhancements.

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