Dropdown Menu - Submenu Options

To customize the submenu, click on the parent menu element. Available properties:

  • Submenu orientation - specifies the orientation of the submenu.

  • Submenu alignment - specifies the horizontal submenu position relative to its parent element. Applied to the submenus of the horizontal menu only. Available values:

    • left - aligns the left edge of the submenu with the left edge of its parent.
    • center - sets the center position relative to the parent element.
    • wcenter - sets the center position relative to window.
    • right - aligns the right edge of the submenu with the right edge of its parent.
    • length - specifies integer value of the left margin in pixels with a range from -9999 to +9999.

  • Multi-column submenu - allows splitting the submenu into columns. Enable this option if the submenu is a long list of elements.

    The Column separators option adds a vertical line between each column to make the layout more visually appealing.

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