When should I update the Embed Code on my site?

Quick answer: you do not need to update the Embed Code if you change the menu structure, customize the menu appearance, or enable/disable any menu option.

However, after the changes to your menu in Menu Generator, you may find that the Embed Code has the new hash parameter. For example:

The previous code:

<script src="//Menu16.com/.../MyMenu1.js?h=1C21"></script>
<div id="MyMenu1"></div>

The new code:

<script src="//Menu16.com/.../MyMenu1.js?h=FA27"></script>
<div id="MyMenu1"></div>

The new Embed Code only has another "h" (hash) value - it is an optional auxiliary parameter.

What is the role of this parameter?

Usually, a browser keeps JS files in its local cache for better performance. This parameter enforces the client browser to reload the menu script immediately like it is a new file. If you leave your old Embed Code, a client browser may display the previous menu from its local cache for a short time.

To see the latest menu immediately, refresh any page with the menu by the combination "COMMAND + R" (Mac) or "Ctrl + F5" (Windows). This combination refreshes the menu in your browser's cache, and you will see the new menu version.

You should update the Embed Code on your pages only if:
  • You changed the name of your menu.
  • You deleted the menu and made it again.
  • You made a clone of your menu and want to show the new copy on your site.

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