The appearance of the menu on my page differs from the same menu in Menu Generator. Why?

Most likely, some CSS rule on your page affects the menu appearance. Try to disable CSS and ensure that the menu has a correct look.

If you need help to define which CSS rule breaks the menu appearance, please point us to the URL with the mentioned issue.

If you develop your site on a local machine and cannot point us to the public URL, please do the following:

  1. Open the page with the menu in your browser.
  2. File -> Save As -> Save as type - Web page, complete -> Choose the name (for example: "Error Page").
  3. Create a single ZIP archive that must contain: the file "Error Page.htm" and the folder: "Error Page_files" (all accompanying files).
  4. Send this single ZIP file to us for analysis.

We will analyze the code of your page and recommend a solution to the problem.

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